We took on Beinn Ime this time which is the highest point of the Arrochar Alps at 1011 metres. Good appetite! Follow the route downhill, ignoring the … Get one of our Cherry cinnamon cobbler recipe and prepare delicious and healthy treat for your family or friends. T he Cobbler and Beinn Narnain are generally climbed from the more spectacular Arrochar side, but a start in Glen Croe is a nice alternative. Beinn Narnairn, Beinn Ime and The Cobbler August 2010 The next day I drove back up to Loch Lomond, this time I parked in Arrocher and I started out only intending to do Ben Narnairn and Ben Ime. Overview. Walker-friendly accommodation in the area Is not the highest of the summits within in the Arrochar Range but the main reason this summit gets the attention and status amongst the rest of the range is due to its stunning rock formations when viewed from the town of Arrochar and the east side of the mountain in general. The term, Arrochar Alps has been used to describe this Mountain region with high steep sided hills surrounded by deep Glens. Did you know Scotland has its very own Alps? Beinn Ìme is the landmark to the entrance to Argyll. My 5th and 6th Munros together with a trip up to the (in)famous Cobbler. Narnain. Beinn Ime (translation: Butter Hill) is located just north of the famous Arrochar summit of The Cobbler and is No.118 in the Scottish Munros table. Beinn Narnain has a much rougher and rockier character. A lovely walk over the "Arrochar Alps". Walk up Beinn Narnain and Ben Arthur (The Cobbler) Beinn Narnain is often one of the first Munros to be attempted by would-be peak baggers, thanks to its location on Loch Long. Learn how to cook great Easy cherry cobbler from kristies2 . It is one of the most 1:50.000 map Ben Arthur including Beinn Ime … is the only one which doesn't require any scrambling or rock Research,study and plan your next Munro. Cloud inversion (to the southern horizon), excellent visibility (could see the Cairngorms some 70 miles away!) Would you like to view all 11? Forecast days. The Cobbler, Beinn Ime and Beinn Narnain — Loch Lomond and The Trossachs. Randonnée. Beinn Narnain & Beinn Ime, both Munros and The Cobbler, a Corbett and possibly one of Scotlands most striking mountains. Use my current location. Find a forecast. Beinn Narnain,Beinn Ime,The Cobbler-Arrochar Print off maps and view routes Head over to www.munrodrone.com … Routes on Beinn Ime, Beinn Narnain, The Cobbler & neighbours The peaks above the western side of Loch Lomond are collectively known as the Arrochar Alps. Beinn Narnain Beinn Ime and The Cobbler 2 Munro's and a Corbett climbed on a glorious spring day 10th April 2010. steep bouldery slopes and I was on the flat top of Beinn david@dbethune.com. col, Bealach a' Mhaim, between Naranin, Ime and the Cobbler. Forecast days. Ime (14.15pm). BEINN IME is the highest of the Arrochar Alps, and from its 3,317ft summit you can look out over a range of jagged ridges, rocky buttresses and glens plunging down to sea lochs. I couldn't recall if it had been there nine years previous. It was steep but about an hour or so later we made it to the summit with amazing views of the inside of a cloud. Combining them with neighbouring Beinn Ime and Beinn Luibhean makes for a logical and longer round, and might miss some of the crowds too. That was quite a good pace, although we slowed down after then. Arrived back at car park at 1350. Weather was foggy and i can't find The Cobbler and Beinn Narnain peaks and way down from last one, and i should go back to main road. reached with some careful hand and foot work. The mountain itself is known for its rock climbing, considered some of the best in the Southern Highlands. Route up Beinn Ime is very boggy. And if you're counting, that's two Munros and two Corbetts to add to your tally. is, of course, much higher! Cobbler, Beinn Ime and Ben Vane. Routes on Beinn Ime, Beinn Narnain, The Cobbler & neighbours The peaks above the western side of Loch Lomond are collectively known as the Arrochar Alps. steadier head that I have. and the skies were perfect blue. Set off from the MTB Trails in Loch Lomond And The Trossachs, Road Cycling Routes in Loch Lomond And The Trossachs, Hiking the 282 munro mountains of Scotland in 95 routes, Hike Scotland’s most iconic long distance trail — West Highland Way, Enchanting hikes in Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park, Experience Scotland in 57 miles — Loch Lomond and Cowal Way, An enchanting outlaw trail for Highland Rogues — Rob Roy Way. This is clearly marked by the large circular cairn that provides excellent shelter in fouler weather. The Cobbler's Wife (left), the highest Narnain, It is one of the most From there, you descend briefly before making the climb up to Beinn Ìme, the highest mountain in the Arrochar Alps. After a stop for lunch, it was on down to the 3-way col, Bealach a' Mhaim, between Naranin, Ime and the Cobbler. Beinn Luibhean is one of the Arrochar Alps in the Argyll Highlands of Scotland, located to the northern side of Glen Croe between Loch Long in Dunbartonshire to the East and Loch Fyne in the Remote Highlands of Argyll to the West. After a stop for lunch, it was on down to the 3-way Weather/Conditions: The best weather I've ever had on a hillwalk to this point. Clear views to the west as far as the Paps of Cobbler. The trail to the summit has been improved in recent years and once past the initial zig zags makes a pleasant ascent. The Cobbler (Scottish Gaelic: Beinn Artair) is an 884 metres (2,900 ft) mountain located near the head of Loch Long in Scotland. OS Sheet 56. The Cobbler . Beinn Ime - 1011m The Cobbler - 884m Wednesday 17th October 2007. The painting is on professional quality canvas measuring 24x12x1.5" and comes with a hook on the back so it's ready to hang on the wall. Terrain: Rocky, steep and eroded path on Beinn Narnain with very mild scrambling. There was a path of sorts making its way up the hill but I remember just making a fairly straight line up. The rocky overhanging north top (or "Cobbler's Last") is As you walk to Beinn Ime you’ll pass the flanks of Beinn Narnain and The Cobbler (Ben Arthur). It has such a good position within the Arrochar Alps that when hikers climb it, they often add in some of the other surrounding peaks like Beinn Narnain or Beinn Íme (to bag a few more munros in one trip ). It requires careful navigation through a hole, or needle, to reach a tall rock outcrop. Quickly descended to the north side of Beinn Narnain. There is a path from The Cobbler to Beinn Ime which you might be able to uses as an ascent of The Cobbler from the back but the best features of the mountain are from the south. In this composite photo it looms above Ben Lomond, which Walking | Beinn Narnain, Beinn Ime & The Cobbler | This route takes in three peaks of what is known as the Arrochar Alps. Comments : Showing the most recent 5 of 11 comments. The As you might expect, at 3,316 feet (1,011 meters) tall, you are afforded some truly spectacular views from the summit. On this spectacular route you will traverse the summits one Corbett and two Munros—in some of Scotland’s most iconic scenery. Download this stock image: Beinn Ime from The Cobbler - B08G0F from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors. Today. Gerry Delaney Take the route down from the back of The Cobbler, a fairly easy descent, then the terrain flattens before climbing again. Daryl Kinnear. Considering the proximity of this mountain group is to Glasgow and its suburbs, it comes as a bit of a surprise that a lot of the routes over these peaks are on pathless terrain. Learn how to cook great Cherry cinnamon cobbler . climbed, as they require a bit of rock climbing and a There is barely a more iconic mountain in the Southern Highlands of Scotland than The Cobbler, also called Ben Arthur. Here there is a clear junction of routes; you can choose to detour up the stepped path to visit the summits of the Cobbler, or you can turn left and continue the descent.

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